Peering Policy


Peering policy

Our peering policy is generally open. That means that we prefer to peer with the route servers at the Exchange Points. If the expected data-rate or the importance of the peer legitimate a direct peering, we will setup direct or private sessions on request. There are only a few basics (see Peering requirements) we assume you can agree into.

We do not ask for a written peering contract but if you require we will sign a contract if we agree with the content.

If you would like to have a peering with us, please contact us via peering (at) and provide us the required information (see below).


Peering requirements

Any Peer must agree into the following conditions:

  • Peer may only send us traffic from his network and his downstreams to us and may not give (partial) transit.
  • Peer may only send us traffic for prefixes we announce. Especially setting default-routes (last resort) towards us is not permitted.
  • Peer must operate a Network Operations Centre (NOC) which can be contacted 24x7x365 by eMail or phone if necessary.
  • Peer must cooperate in case of network abuse. On occurrence of Denial of Service attacks Peer shall implement filters on request.
  • Routes should be aggregated as much as possible. We will not accept any announcement smaller than /24.
  • Routes must be registered at any well-known IRR (e.g. RIPE) using a route object. (We reserve the right to filter routes based on those databases.)
  • Peers should enforce routing integrity by means of filters to their customers.
  • We expect that the peer will send an information (direct or on the maillist of the Exchange Point) as soon a session is down for >24h with the expected downtime. 


Required peering information

  • Peering-point(s) (if not clear).
  • Your IP-address (required)
  • Your AS (required)
  • Your AS-set (please tell us if you haven’t one)
  • Your recommended prefix limit we should use (if missing we will choose it)
  • MD5-password: Using a password is prefered from our side. If you would like to use a password, please choose one or ask us to choose it. (if missing, no password will be configured)
  • Your contact-data (email, phone, contact persons; available 24/7)
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